Sunday, June 9, 2013

Might As Well JUMP!

I got tired of the traditional posed trip pictures in front of beautiful scenery or historic sites; so I decided to start a series of jumping pictures.  You can see a few of mine (and other jumpers) on a travel site called  I created a group on that site called JUMP Around the World; plus a few others EAT Around the World and WINGS Around the World.

I've got plenty of jumping pics from all over Europe and will eventually get around to doing something with them.  But in the meantime, here are some of my new favorite jumpers.  Taken at Gornergrat, Switzerland.  Enjoy.

What kind of crazy pictures do you take/make when traveling?

Might as well...

That's the actual Matterhorn, not the Disney ride.


  1. I love these shots! The atmosphere - lonely, but beautiful - is incredible. Wow! Keep Posting

  2. This pictures are very wonderfully shot and glad that you shared it with us..