Friday, April 19, 2013

32 Hours to Philadelphia

Two, Dutch Trains

One, 1-hour Dutch Taxi Ride to Rotterdam Airport

One, grounded lightening struck plane

One, 55-minute propeller plane to London City Airport

One, 1-hour British Taxi Ride (that got pulled over by British Police in front of Buckingham Palace)

Two, missed flight connections

One, night in London Airport Hotel

One, free drink from Polish bartender at London Heathrow

And, we would have done it all again if it meant being there  for our friends.

Sorry for the brief writing hiatus friends. It was a hell of a two weeks.  Within 4 days time, we learned that the fathers of two very good friends had passed.  And here we were an ocean apart, in the Netherlands.  When we woke up Friday morning, we knew what we had to do; we needed to get home.

That's exactly what we did, with just the clothes on our back we raced out of our apartment thinking to ourselves: Philadelphia or Bust.  Last minute trips come with their share of pitfalls and hiccups but dam, did we hit the jackpot with this journey.  Yes, everything mentioned above happened in the span of 32 hours. But as I said, if we had to, we'd do it all again to support our friends in their time of need.  Love you guys.

And now, something to make you laugh.  Here's me, giving  real time feedback of my "security experience" at London Heathrow Airport.  Cheers.

I LOVED Heathrow.

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