Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Overnight Train to Prague

Can I make a suggestion to your Travel Bucket List?  Take an overnight train trip somewhere, anywhere.  It's so much fun, especially when you bring snacks (and wine).  On March 29th, Vicki and I took the City Night Line (CNL) train bound for Prague, Czech Republic.  This was our second overnight train, our first adventure was a CNL from Paris to Munich for Oktoberfest with our friends Lorie & Dan.  You can see hightlights from that trip here.

So here it is, our overnight train trip to Prague.  Enjoy.  

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  1. My name is Bill Hayes. And I have to say that this really is great work. When you get back to the States, we should work on a script. Something simple that we can shoot as an Internet series. I love the camera work and all the tremendous comic beats. I am not f*cking around.