Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So I Entered Some Writing Contests

Warning: Content of this Post Includes a Generic 
"Vote for Me in Two Writing Contests Plea".

So I got myself involved in two expat writing contests.  Writing/blogging has helped pass the time during these dreary winter days. If you have a few seconds, I would really appreciate your support.  Here's how you can help:

1.)  Visit: Barrel Hopping by clicking here
At the end of the article you'll see a gold star that says "# Votes"  Looks like this:

Inline image 1
Just CLICK THE STAR; the number should change to record your vote.  That's it.  You can also Tweet, Like, and Google+1 the article too.  All social media interaction helps, but votes on their page are worth more.

2.)  Visit ExpatsBlog by clicking here
There's no voting for this one.  They are looking at comments to decide the winner.  Most quality comments wins. So if you care to share a few thoughts about my article: did it make you laugh? did it make you cry? did it make you confused? did it make you hungry? I guess that's what they're looking for.  I know many of you are talented with words, so I'm sure you can pen something very creative.  Sharing with social media is also a component with this contest too.  

Voting for both contests ends March 31, Easter Sunday.  It doesn't look like there's a limit to voting or sharing so, you can vote/share early and often.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the support.

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