Monday, March 25, 2013

Sorry for the Silence

Wait, March 25 already?  When did that happen. And how did I go almost a week and a half without a new post?  Plus I missed mentioning our 2nd month anniversary in the Netherlands (March 15th) came and went.  Seems like after our trip to Rome, and our 15 minutes of fame, life just went into hyperdrive with no signs of slowing down.

So here's a short compilation post of what we've been up to.  I hope to have full write-ups on some of these topics very soon.

March 14th:  Went our our first "Expat Couples Blind Date."  Thanks to 's forum Vicki and I were able to meet another nice couple from the next town over.  

March 15-17th: Traveled to Warsaw, Poland for St. Patrick's Day.  Warning: post may feature gratuitous pierogi pictures,  you've been warned.

March 18th-21st: Volunteered with an expat website, called They are based here in the Netherlands in the town of Haarlem.  The commute takes almost 2 hours, but the adventures were worth the trip.

March 23-24th: Overnight in Dusseldorf, Germany to seek out pretzels and mustard.

I've also been busy putting together submissions for two writing contests.  Thanks in advance to everyone who took the time to Vote, Tweet, Like, & +1 my article on Cologne, Germany on Every vote on their page counts as a full vote & social media interaction counts as half a vote.  The voting is open until March 31st so you can continue to VOTE EARLY & VOTE OFTEN.  Thanks for all your support.  You can read the article again and vote again right here.  

My other submission was for a contest sponsored by ; the theme: "Top Lists."  I love making lists, as you can see from some of my posts, so I was all in for this one. I won't reveal the focus of my list just yet.  You should be able to view and make comments on my submission on their website after March 25.  Winners will be based on the lists with the best "high quality feedback."  I'll leave it up to my loyal readers and fans to decide what that means.  Thanks again for your support.  

As a reward for reading to the end and to apologize again for the silence last week, here's a picture of some pierogis from Warsaw, Poland.  

Have a great Monday everybody!

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