Tuesday, February 5, 2013


After we were somewhat settled into our apartment in Oss, my wife and I visited her plant site to obtain some of the paperwork her company prepared for us so we could continue  the residency permit process.  
Once we had obtained that documentation our next task was to get professional photos taken.  You know, we needed those oh so flattering type of passport pics where they tell you not to smile.  The Dutch requirements for an acceptable photo were crazy.  My wife received a 100 page (slight exaggeration) document on the correct way to pose for the picture.  It was also suggested that we should “have our passport photo made by a professional photographer who is acquainted with the Dutch passport requirements.”  Unfortunately, it was getting late, and the photo studio in town was soon to close.  But we needed the picture for our appointment with the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) the next day.  Then something caught our eye in the Oss train station, a photo booth.  You remember them right?  You and your grade school friends would pile into them and make goofy faces and it would print out a sheet with 4 small pics.  You know, the same things that are now all the rage at wedding receptions.  Anyway, we spotted the photo booth and decided, what the hell, let’s give it a go.
After successfully navigating the all Dutch menus and inserting two crisp €5 bills into the machine, Vicki and I had two sheets of “stunning” photos ready to go.  We made sure we packed our precious prizes with us as we prepared to catch the train from Oss to Den Hague for our early morning date with the IND.    
The snow backdrop upon our arrival sure made for some beautiful scenery but not beautiful train travel.  What should have been about an hour and forty-five minute train ride took us close to four hours due to a “defective train.”  We eventually checked into our hotel, the Hotel Des Indes after 11pm.  This hotel was definitely worth the 4 hour trip, absolutely stunning.  You can read my TripAdvisor report here.  After a cocktail in their beautiful lobby bar, we passed out in bed and awaited tomorrow’s adventure.  (15 January 2013.)

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