Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Vicki and I had a lunch date at the City Hotel in Oss today to celebrate successfully reapplying for our resident permits and the arrival of our bank ATM cards (again.)
So we’re in an apartment that doesn’t have a mailbox?!?  But, we’re able to forward our mail to the City Hotel, which owns and operates our apartment.  We opened the account during our first week, Jan 17th to be exact.  It was odd that we still had not received the cards.  So earlier this week I got in touch with the bank to discover that the cards were mailed to the City Hotel, according to plan.  Well?  Turns out, whoever got the mail that day called the bank and said that there were no guests by that name at the hotel and therefore destroyed the cards.  Great! At least that’s the story the bank gives.
When I learned of the destruction of our cards and our hopes of using the debit card lane of the Albert Heijn (grocery store) I marched to the City Hotel to find out what happened.  I was ensured there that it was noted to hold our mail upon receipt.  Now who do we believe? Long story longer, I had to go to the bank and order another round of cards, which were successfully delivered today.
Oh, and the resident permit has its own share of frustrations.  I mentioned that we had to reapply, since our first visit was unsuccessful.  We were told given the length of our stay we did not need to register.  Not entirely true.  There’s a bunch of legal and bureaucratic hoops here so I won’t bore you with these details.  Fingers crossed we’ll be approved this time and we can get on with our lives.
Best part of today?  The Paprika Pringles that accompanied my sandwich from the City Hotel.  Cheers to the weekend! (31 January 2013)

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