Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Success at the IND

CELEBRATING.  After what seemed to be a great success at the IND Vicki and I decided to celebrate our temporary Visas with a little breakfast.  Desperately in need of eggs, coffee and WiFi we were somehow magically led to the golden arches.  Now, we maybe go to McDonald’s like once a year back in the States, so we thought it was perfectly fine to explore a Mickey D’s while abroad, right?  
Anyway, we arrived a few minutes after 11:00am and saw all the lunch selections on display.  Disappointed that we missed breakfast we were about to order some fries.  But something possessed Vicki to ask the friendly lad behind the counter if they were still serving breakfast.  Then like magic he flipped a sign about his head transforming the menu from cheeseburgers to a beautiful picture of an Egg McMuffin.  We ordered two and were told to sit down and our order would be brought to us.  Within moments we were served a piping hot & delicious Egg McMuffin sandwiches with bacon AND croissants.  Where were we? McDonalds?  It was amazing.  Plus we got a great cup of coffee and an orange juice.  
Obviously, like any tech savvy, social media minded individual with access to free WiFi I took a picture of it and shared it on facebook with a cool photo filter.  (16 January 2013)

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