Tuesday, February 5, 2013


On occasion, I do enjoy going out for teppanyaki, it’s like dinner and a show.  However, if it’s just you and a date, this style of dining can be a little uncomfortable especially if your grill mates all know each other AND especially if you and your date are served their meals first.  As you enjoy you meals you have loud conversations surrounding you and you have 12 eyes peering at you as you are enjoying your fried rice.  I’m not alone with this line of thinking am i?
However, I discovered a loophole.  It’s not so bad when your table mates are not speaking English.  So besides the hungry looks which subsided once their appetizers came, it wasn’t so bad and my wife and I were able to enjoy our meals without too much awkwardness. 
(Video taken with IPhone 4 & edited with iMovie on January 25, 2013)

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