Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sfeer Selector?

WHAT THE WHAT?  On our train ride from Rijswijk back to Oss via Breda, Vicki and I noticed a colorful sign on the platform announcing “Sfeer Selector” with an arrow.  The arrow was pointing below to an assortment of buttons.  Naturally, the 12 year old in me wanted to push all of the buttons to see what would happen but unfortunately our train arrived before I had the chance.  So I snapped a quick pic to find out the story behind this display.  
Earlier that day Vicki and I had activated data plans for our phones so the internets were ours for the googling.  I stumbled upon this blog that shed some “light” (get it? you will in a sec) on the mysterious buttons. 
Apparently, after you make a selection the station illuminates with a series of lights to help offset your mood by transforming the boring platform into a more pleasant atmosphere.  It’s cool I guess.  I just wish I got a chance to press a button.  

(Photo Credit: http://vivianvankraaij.wordpress.com/2012/11/22/sfeer-selector/ )

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