Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So, just to sum up tonight, I ate: sushi, kangaroo steak, AND fries with horse meat?
Yes, I did consume all of these items.  The horse meat debacle came during a late night fries snack at the Cafeteria De Oostwal, a snack bar across from our apartment.  Vicki and I stared at the dimly lit menu above the workers head, and  tried our best to translate the multiple toppings available for fries.  Lucky for us, a customer helped us translate the Dutch.  When we asked him about one particular topping, he told us, “It’s horse meat, it’s good.”  Pro tip: horse meat is NEVER a good idea. Especially, after eating the above mentioned items and washing it all down with eleventy Belgian beers.  OOOFA. 

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